Hello, and welcome.

I am a counsellor, psychotherapist, coach and behavioural consultant in the Perth hills area of Western Australia. I specialise in child and adolescent behavioural concerns and the treatment of anxiety, depression, trauma and relationship issues in adults. I am also a music psychotherapist and work with autism spectrum, disabilities, and other mental health issues in children and adults. I'm passionate about self-understanding and our potential as humans to grow, evolve and transform our lives through the process of awareness and self-acceptance. 


My goal is to work with clients in a gentle and non-judgemental way to facilitate a space of open, creative awareness and healing through connection and empathic understanding. 

My own journey toward self-awareness began at a very early age, where I pursued an interest in spirituality, religion, philosophy, and the search for meaning. 


This interest in existentialism and purpose has led me to study and practice gestalt psychotherapy, a mindfulness-based form of therapy concerned with the now and the how of our experience, encouraging a direct emotional and nourishing experience of ourselves in the present moment. 

While teaching music privately and in the education system, I studied psychology and became interested in the therapeutic effects of music. I pursued training in this area and my graduate thesis explored the role of musical expertise on human cognition and neurological processing. 

Seeking to integrate my passion for music with my research background in psychology, I experienced the power of music and non-verbal expression to heal, working as a music therapist with children and adults with disabilities, processing disorders, autism spectrum, mood and personality disorders.

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Inspired by others who had bridged the medical and alternative healing models, I pursued further training as a counsellor and psychotherapist, always compelled to explore polarities; how both verbal and non-verbal expression can heal; music and its effect on our psychology; the relationship between change-based and acceptance-based therapies, and how we can reconcile and integrate both in order to inspire a holistic approach to healing and growth that adopts an inclusive both/and philosophy.

A health challenge triggered a deeper journey of exploration and open-heartedness in my life, and I began practicing qi gong, yoga and studying the link between the mind and body. Recent advances in neurobiology have shed light on the inter-connectedness of mind, body and brain, and I am interested in the mind-body connection, how thoughts and beliefs can change our neurological and genetic self, and how we can create positive and lasting change through mindfulness, breath, movement and intention. 

By acknowledging our multifaceted nature, we achieve deeper understanding and honour all parts of the self, and my greatest passion is to inspire this understanding in my clients; to aid and assist them in their own personal and unique journey of self-discovery with open-heartedness, curiosity and compassion. 

I look forward to sharing your journey with you. 



Registered counsellor & psychotherapist (Australian Counselling Association)

Honours Degree in Psychology, BPsych(Hons.)

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, BA Psych

Diploma of Business Management & Marketing, Dip.Bus(Mgt)

Currently completing training in gestalt psychotherapy (GTIW)

Certified Spiritual Emergence Coach (SEC)


Australian Counselling Association (Registration Number 5091)

Australian Music Therapy Association (Associate Member)

West Australian Music Teachers Association (Accredited Member)

Gestalt Training Institute of Western Australia (GTIWA)

Gestalt Australia & New Zealand (GANZ Membership No: S1033)


MacLachlan, S. (2009). Memory for Music and the Implications of Expertise for Music Recall: A Review. European Journal of Music Perception. Presented at the International Conference on Music Perception & Cognition, Thessaloniki, 2012.

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