I offer counselling, therapy and behavioural consulting for children, teens and their families.

Having worked as a behavioural consultant and teacher privately and in the education system, I now work predominantly with behavioural issues within families. This includes work with autism spectrum disorder, bullying, anxiety and general child and adolescent mental health concerns. 

Rebates apply for National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) members. 

The areas I work with:

  •     Child, teen and adolescent anxiety, stress and overwhelm
  •     Depression
  •     Child and adolescent behavioural concerns
  •     Autism Spectrum Disorder
  •     Self-worth and self-image
  •     Shame and guilt
  •     Child and adolescent peer pressure and bullying
  •     Boundary issues and self-support
  •     Support through illness and trauma
  •     Relationship counselling and family issues
  •     Internet & Facebook addiction
  •     Procrastination
  •     Men’s issues
  •     Mindfulness and child-centered emotion regulation strategies

Children, Teens & Music Psychotherapy

Having worked as a music teacher and consultant in the education system, I also integrate creative music psychotherapy in my practice. Vast research has demonstrated the therapeutic effects of music with children, particularly within the Autism Spectrum. For more information, please visit the music psychotherapy page, or download my FREE e-book PDF 'How Music Heals'. 

For further information, please contact me directly below. 


What this means for your child's brain and what you can do.
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