what we think, we create
what we feel, we attract
what we imagine, we become

By becoming aware of how our thoughts create beliefs, how our beliefs create feelings, and how feelings inspire our goals, values and actions, we can learn to observe what no longer serves us, make more informed decisions and create powerful, lasting and gentle change in our lives based on a more present, aware and conscious understanding of ourselves.

We know that beliefs can create illness and disease, but clinical research from the frontiers of neuroscience and cellular biology tells us our beliefs can also make us well.

Where quantum mechanics, neurobiology and ancient eastern thought come together, we now know that our thoughts are like ripples across the surface of our minds. We think 60,000 – 70,000 thoughts every day, and recent studies have shown that of those thoughts, 85% were the same as the day before!

If thoughts are the language of the mind, and give rise to feelings (the language of the body), then how we think and how we feel creates our personality. What is our personality? Simply our personal reality.

We can make the choice to invest in our limitless potential and create new, expansive thoughts that, when practiced, create new beliefs (a belief is simply a thought we keep thinking), and therefore new feelings. When our bodies are responding to our new state of mind, we catalyse new genetic markers responsible for health or for illness.

Current research on epigenetics shows that our thoughts, beliefs and our environment can literally switch genes on or off, regulate our hormones and physiology, reduce stress, and increase wellness and health.

When our bodies respond chemically to a new state of mind (thoughts, beliefs and feelings), and we begin to think new thoughts, those thoughts create new feelings, literally altering our genetic expression. We have liberated our past and are creating a new future. Our personal reality, which is determined by how we think, feel and act, creates new experiences to reflect our new mental, emotional and physiological self.


Brain researcher John Assaraf abbreviates the concept with this equation:

Thought + Emotion x Repetition = New Reality

Simply put, how we think, how we feel in response to that thought, and how we practice this thinking-feeling-acting cycle determines our future reality; on the mental, emotional and physical levels.

As a psychotherapist interested in neurobiology, I know firsthand that our beliefs create our experience. They form the lense through which we perceive ourselves and others. Using evidence-based neurobiological models, I offer training and coaching to:

  • Show you exactly how your thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions create your personal reality on the neurobiological, mental, emotional and physiological levels.
  • Guide you toward defining and mapping a new vision of yourself, your goals and ideals.
  • Bring to your awareness what may be blocking your positive potential in these areas and work with you to create change, growth and success.
  • Give you easy-to-use tools and processes that you can use and integrate into your daily routine in order to practice your new future.
  • Provide ongoing coaching and support through your journey of exciting change and discovery.

What you think, you create. What you feel, you attract. What you imagine, you become.
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