Holistic Healing In A Modern World

Heal your past. embrace the present. create your future.


The journey from limitation to self-empowerment, from struggle to ease, and from trauma to joy and freedom, is one that should reflect a holistic view of the self that addresses the mind, body and spirit. By acknowledging our multifaceted nature, the process of healing and transformation then honours the richness and depth of our experience.

My greatest passion is to inspire this understanding in my clients; to aid and assist them in their own personal and unique journey of self-discovery with open-heartedness, curiosity and compassion. 


my client philosophy


Simon MacLachlan Counselling, Coaching & Consulting offers a unique vision: the synthesis of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching to encourage your healing, gentle growth and positive potential. 

When we bridge these three key areas: psychotherapy (to address your emotional here-and-now experience), counselling (to address your current issues and concerns) and coaching (to create a new future ideal and bring it to fruition with clear intent), we can create deep, powerful and lasting change in our lives. 

When we address our challenges and obstacles to growth in this integrative way, we cultivate true purpose and self-awareness. We learn from the past and how it has shaped our personality. We learn to accept and love who and where we are in our lives in this moment. Then, we may make inspired, informed and loving decisions about our life's direction and create our future experience - with ease, joy and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

I work with my clients in a gentle and non-judgemental way to facilitate open, creative awareness, emphasising strong relationships and empathic understanding. I find a past, present & future narrative useful on our journey toward growth and awareness, and believe in an integrative approach to counselling, psychotherapy and coaching.


building bridges for healing & wellbeing


From Past to Present: psychotherapy & Counselling

I provide psychotherapy and counselling to individuals experiencing challenges, traumas and difficulties using a primarily gestalt approach. This is a mindfulness-based therapy focused on the present moment experience of the client in the how and now. I take a relational approach to building rapport with the client, honouring the therapeutic relationship. This involves building shared understanding, emotional literacy, and a sense of connection without judgement or analysis in which the client is free to express all aspects of themselves in a safe, warm and caring environment.

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From The present to the future: mindfulness & meditation

At the core of the emotional healing process is the ability to be mindful and aware of the present moment in a non-judgemental attitude; to notice thoughts, feelings and sensations, and to be connected with the body in a way that lowers the physiological stress response and encourages a sense of peace, stillness and well-being. Therefore, mindfulness and meditation practices are integral to this process of growth, change and increased awareness. I use a combination of ACT (Acceptance & Commitment Therapy), Mindfulness-Based Stillness Meditation and breath work to lower the chemicals of stress and increase the relaxation response in a way that is evidence-based and works at the emotional and physiological levels.

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life coaching

What is the ideal you hold for your future self? Are you living the greatest version of the grandest vision you've ever had about who you are? I aid and assist you in bringing to fruition this ideal in a way that is grounded, unique to you, and integrates your past and present self. As a psychotherapist, I am particularly interested in emotional challenges or blocks you may have that are impeding your progress through life, and I am passionate about helping you to build a skill-set with which to move forward, to strategise your goals and take the action steps necessarily to achieve them in any area of life. I emphasise the role your thoughts, feelings and beliefs play in determining your experience, and show you how to create change on the neurobiological, emotional and physical levels level. As a certified emergence coach, I also work with clients experiencing trauma and crises, helping them to understand and navigate through emotionally challenging circumstances.

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Fusion. Cohesion. Integration.

Connecting with self & creating the future

Recent advances in neurobiology have shed light on the interconnectedness of mind, body and brain, and I am interested in mind-body approaches to healing, how thoughts and beliefs can change our neurological and genetic self, and how we can create positive and lasting change through mindfulness, meditation, breath, movement and intentional thinking-feeling.

As a practitioner of both disciplines, I incorporate principles of qi gong (a Chinese system of movement and energy cultivation), yoga and yogic breathwork, and elements of psychodrama for increasing self-awareness and well-being through body movement. 

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closing the circle: Embodying The vision

As we bridge the divide between change-based and acceptance-based modalities, we integrate opposites and achieve a deeper self-awareness in our journey forward: The via positiva or ‘positive’ (yang) path of supportive change through coaching, counselling and neurobiological models, and the via negativa or ‘negative’ (yin) path of the acceptance-oriented approach, explored through mindfulness, gestalt therapy and mind-body cohesion. My belief is that both approaches, when tailored uniquely to the needs of the client, address and nurture the holistic process of self-discovery, freedom, success and wellbeing.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you. 


Ethical Standards
I undertake ongoing training, professional development, regular supervision and self reflection in accordance with the Psychotherapy and Counselling Federation of Australia (PACFA) Code of Ethics and the Australian Counselling Association Code of Ethics. 

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