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Simon MacLachlan Counselling, Coaching & Consulting offers a unique vision: the synthesis of counselling, psychotherapy and coaching to encourage your healing, gentle growth and positive potential. 

When we bridge these three key areas: psychotherapy (to address your emotional here-and-now experience), counselling (to address your current issues and concerns) and coaching (to create a new future ideal and bring it to fruition with clear intent), we can create deep, powerful and lasting change in our lives. 

When we address our challenges and obstacles to growth in this integrative way, we cultivate true purpose and self-awareness. We learn from the past and how it has shaped our personality. We learn to accept and love who and where we are in our lives in this moment. Then, we may make inspired, informed and loving decisions about our life's direction and create our future experience - with ease, joy and a deeper understanding of ourselves.

We are now living our dreams.


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                    9a Riseley Square, Applecross, WA 6153

                    9a Riseley Square, Applecross, WA 6153

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