Dare To Dream: Live An authentic Life

Life Coaching & Consulting


Are you living your life with ease, abundance, self-empowerment and excitement? Or do you simply want to take your experience of joy and success to the next level?

As a certified life coach and psychotherapist with an academic background in business management and experience as a teacher, my passion is to inspire positive growth, awareness and change both personally and professionally in the form of coaching and mentoring. 

By integrating principles of stress reduction, neurobiology, change and acceptance-based models of therapy with mindfulness and creative gestalt concepts, I support you in fostering new ways of thinking, feeling and being and help you to achieve your desired personal and professional goals. 

This includes shaping your mindset and working with you or your business to understand and move through any obstacles or issues that may be blocking growth, success, or frustrating your potential. 

Coaching and consulting is provided using evidence-based principles with an understanding of the role that the mind, body and brain play in supporting change, growth and awareness in all aspects of life. I use an eclectic approach in helping you bring your goals and vision to fruition in a way that is tailored uniquely to you.

As a certified spiritual emergence coach, I also work with clients experiencing trauma and crises, helping them to understand and navigate through emotionally challenging circumstances and transformations.


Life Coaching & Consulting

I support you in:

  • Defining your vision
  • Mind-mapping your future potential through multi-sensory exploration
  • Creating a step-by-step plan
  • Outlining your action strategies
  • Assessing emotional blocks and limiting beliefs around your goals, including health and lifestyle concerns
  • Promoting increased awareness and personal/professional growth at the emotional and somatic level
  • Continued support in goal attainment, and ongoing long term redefining of goals and action strategies as they arise
  • Navigating and understanding personal, physical, emotional and spiritual crises

How Far Can You Dream?


Using the principles of EASE™, (Ease, Abundance, Self-Empowerment & Excitement), I'm committed to guiding and mentoring you, using a balanced and holistic approach, to the unfoldment of your highest potential.

If you have a vision or dream that excites you, then you can fulfill it. It is your gift to the world. Your soul purpose is your sole purpose. Let's explore it together.


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