Client Testimonials

"Simon leads all his sessions from his heart and from a place of absolute truth and understanding.
From my very first interaction with Simon I found that I was able to express my deeply held fears and regrets; things I never thought I'd be comfortable saying out loud came easily.  I can only attribute this ease of expression to the space that Simon creates for his clients.  It is one that allows absolute freedom to be your whole, raw, true self without any fear of judgement.
Simon is not only a compassionate and open listener, he also has an amazing ability to get straight to the core of the issue at hand and to offer practical, tangible advice on how to shift and change the thoughts and behaviours that no longer serve you. I'm yet to discover a topic that Simon isn't passionate and versed on in the areas he works in.
Simon has allowed me the space in which to integrate all aspects of myself.  With his guidance I've been able to heal old wounds, become more present, and create new thought patterns that have enabled me to move forward in my life with the confidence that only comes from truly knowing, loving and accepting yourself. I’m forever grateful". 


“A medical condition put me in a situation I had no clue how to deal with both physically and mentally. I have always thought of myself as a strong clear minded woman. Somehow I was knee deep and sinking.

Then I found Simon.  Wow, what difference our sessions have made. Even after my illness cleared, I still continue with our sessions. It’s going on 8 months now. I'm feeling 110% better. I'm growing and becoming more self-aware at 44 years old.

The environment that Simon provides leads you to openness and healing.  I have never felt like just a diary entry. I've only ever walked away with lighter shoulders and a clearer head.

I would not hesitate to recommend Simon to anyone. He has given me the tools that help me make my life the best it has been in years.... I look forward to what's to come."


"Thanks so much Simon for your valued input in assisting me in my life journey. It has been such a great implementation in to my life and I am now beginning to see the gradual on-flow from learning more about how I tick.

Simon, You are truly amazing at what you do and there should be more people doing what you do.  I feel a real greatness in you being able to assist others and I feel blessed to be on the receiving end of it. Thank you."


"I finally decided that I was going to move forward, bite the bullet and learn something that I believed I could never do.

I was looking for someone who I would be comfortable with, and who I could talk to openly. As I read the information on his website I found myself feeling more and more excited.

I finally had the incentive, but I was to discover that I had found something much more in Simon as a mentor and teacher who I am now sharing a wonderful co-creative experience with.

Under Simon’s coaching and guidance I am finding an expressive outlet for my passion in all forms of art. I highly recommend Simon as a therapist, and appreciate everything he has done and is doing to help me to express myself in an amazingly natural way…”


"Simon is a great guy and extremely knowledgeable. A fantastic therapist with a lot of patience. He engages at all levels and has been a huge help with our son and us!". 


collegiate Testimonials

"In my journey I have not met many people that have the unique combined gift of being both an excellent and passionate teacher as well as a deeply compassionate, intuitive individual and therapist. 

Simon’s personality combines these gifts in a way that produces and allows for fun, insight, growth and healing with all the people he works with, regardless of age, stage or status.  I have and will continue to recommend my clients to Simon so that they may benefit from his personality and his new and very powerful approach."

Wendy Clark-Mackaay, Dip. Prof. Counselling, M.ACA

"Simon demonstrates accurate empathic attunement with his clients, has highly developed analytical skills, and a clear ability to integrate theory and practice. Outstandingly, Simon pursues professional development tirelessly and stands out from the crowd. His serious commitment, life skills and emotional and intellectual abilities are an asset to his work. "

Dr. David Wall, PhD, M.ACA, PACWA

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